AUSTIN, Texas — The Brown-Bryant family is staying at the Salvation Army and trying to start a new life. 

Kimberly Bryant has two kids heading to the fourth grade and said she relies on back-to-school drives to get them the supplies they need.

“They’re going to go to Sims Elementary School. It’ll be a new move to a new town. We’re excited," Bryant said. “It's been real hard worrying about those things and then all of a sudden, you’re not having to worry about them. I’m very, very grateful.” 

Byrant said the cost of everything going back to school would've been more than she could afford. It could've kept her kids, Kayden and Andric Brown, out of school. 

“Rulers, spirals, composition books, tissue, just everything they have on the school supply list – they got it. It was a great surprise. Like, I don’t have anything,” Bryant said.

Her kids have big dreams and she supports them. Andric said he wants to be a paleontologist and Kayden wants to be a movie star.


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“That’s why I’m saying I’m glad this place was here and that they’re helping me with all these things so I’m not going back to the lifestyle I used to have,” Bryant said.

She said the community support was overwhelming.

“Are you serious? A city cares that much about the underprivileged or people starting over again or got themselves in a bad situation, so I was really surprised,” Bryant said.

Bryant and her kids aren't the only ones. The folks with the Salvation Army said they have nearly 100 school-aged kids in the Salvation Army shelter. 

“Please donate because it goes to a good cause, and it goes to people who are trying to do the right thing. It's not a waste of your money at all. You’ll be blessed for it and thank you.” Bryant said.

The Salvation Army is always looking for donations. If you're interested, you can find out more on their website

WATCH: Central Texas kids have school supplies thanks to your donations


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