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'We respect each other' | Central Texas brothers battle adversity together

In this week's Forever Families, KVUE highlights Jamarion, Leeshun and Zaqwavion, brothers who have to get adopted together.

AUSTIN, Texas — Jamarion, Leeshun and Zack are as close as brothers get. The trio's dynamic is unique – one filled with laughs, jokes and good ol' sarcasm. 

They love to spend time together skateboarding, playing a pick-up game, or read manga together.

They want their forever family to know that they respect each other, they work well together, and they have a lot of energy. Jamarion says remember though –they are brothers, so do not be surprised if they argue every now and then.

While these brothers have a lot in common, they also have qualities that make them unique. 


Leeshun is the oldest sibling. The 16-year-old is laid back and quiet. Do not let his silent demeanor mislead you. He is fun to be around, but he also just likes his alone time. Don't we all! 

"I would call myself pretty funny, and outgoing," he told KVUE's Tori Larned

Leeshun said his favorite things to do are read manga, make art and play videogames.

When he wants to get active, his favorite go-to is playing football and wants to be on his school's team. Leeshun can persevere through anything and does not let his circumstances to get in the way of his goals in life.

He wants his family to live in his hometown, where all his old friends live. He also wants a family who is "chill" and nice, but also strict so he knows what boundaries to follow.


Jamarion is the social butterfly. The outgoing 13-year-old is loving, easy-going and social. 

"I like to play sports, so I'm athletic, I'm smart and I'm courageous," Jamarion said. 

He loves hanging out with his friends, which is a big reason why he wants to stay near his hometown when he is adopted. They are usually skateboarding and playing basketball together.

When he is not hanging outdoors, Jamarion reads or spends time with his big bro playing video games and reading manga. 

Jamarion is confident, well-adjusted, and has no problem advocating for his needs.


Zaqwavion, or Zack, is the youngest sibling. The 11-year-old touted that he is funny and kind of weird too. Everything makes him laugh and he is an aspiring comedian. 

How do his brothers feel? Watch below: 

Zack has a lot of energy, so he spends a lot of time outside burning it off. 

"In my free time, I probably go outside and ride my skateboard," Zack said. "If we come inside, we play video games on the Xbox and color, of course."

His favorite toys are Pokémon Cards, Build-A-Bears and a giant stuffed dog. 

Like any 11-year-old, he also likes wrestling and roughhousing with his brothers. He loves candy, so that sugar rush likely gives him the energy to win.

"I call myself athletic, flexible and smart," Zack said. 

Zack loves his other brothers very much and hopes his future family is like them – fun and energetic.

If you're interested in adoption

All three of these brothers would love an active family who is willing to play games and sign them up for sports.

However, they will also need a family who can provide them structure and attention but in a laid back environment. 

Their ideal family would have a mom and a dad, and hopefully a dog. They would also do well in a one-parent home with or without pets.

"The boys are all very good kids who do well in school and care about being successful. They seem to take the big changes in their life in stride and have a great attitude about the future. They want a family that can provide them with stability and acceptance for the long term, no matter what," according to their page on the Heart Gallery. 

To learn more about the boys or to put in an inquiry to adopt them, visit their page on the Heart Gallery of Central Texas.

KVUE launched the Forever Families segment with Partnerships for Children (PFC) in June 2020 to highlight children in the Heart Gallery of Central Texas who need secure and permanent families. Every day, there are nearly 1,000 children waiting to get adopted in Central Texas, according to PFC.


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