THORNDALE, Texas — From the sounds of a softball popping a glove, to the ping of a bat and the multiple genres of music, it's a typical practice for the Thorndale Lady Bulldogs

You can also hear laughter from endless pranks.

"Before the games are super fun, during the games we have plenty of fun," said Lance Betak, Thorndale head coach.

"You've gotta be aware around here because you never know what's going to happen," said Maddie Flores, Thorndale 2nd baseman.

From spraying water bottles on teammates during an interview to a game of hackey sack which involves beaning a teammate or a coach.

"They threw it at me one time and hit me in the back and it stung pretty bad. So, I quit playing," said Betak.


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The fun and games are what's helped this team win 32 games and accomplish a first. 

An opportunity to play in the state tournament for the first time program history.

"I really couldn't have asked for a better group of girls to go on this ride with," said Flores

A ride to state which included a couple of unique additions. A large belt with bling awarded to each game's MVP and a broomstick guy named, Junior.

Thorndale High School's softball program MVP belt
Shawn Clynch

"He comes everywhere with us, he's always in our dugouts," said, Flores.

Junior will be in the dugout with Lady Bulldogs at UT on Wednesday in their state semifinal game against Windthorst.

Thorndale High School's softball program's unofficial mascot, Junior
Shawn Clynch

That Class 2A state semifinal game is tentatively set to begin at noon.

All UIL State Tournament Games are played at McCombs Field on the UT campus.


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