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Decker Middle School's 'Kids Feeding Kids Backpack Program' is in need of donations

The program, which serves more than 40 students every week who need food for the weekends and holidays, is at an "all-time high" for needing donations.

MANOR, Texas — One year ago, Decker Middle School science teacher Donna Mitchell started with the Kids Feeding Kids Backpack Program.  

It's a program where students provide food for their classmates in need. Every week, a group of middle school students dedicates their time to packing bags of food, which are then picked up by other students every Friday. 

"So, what started off as three students is now turned into over 40 students every week that we are helping," Mitchell said. “The kids that we service here ... they get their lunch and their breakfasts here and sometimes that’s all they get and then they're out of school for the week ... They don't have any resources."

She said the goal is to give students enough resources for them to be able to survive on their own if their parents aren't available. 

Credit: Luis de Leon
Bags of food for the Kids Feeding Kids Backpack Program.

Willow O'banion, an eighth-grader who takes part in the program, told KVUE it feels nice to help her fellow classmates. 

"It's kind of encouraging to know that you're, like, going to a good cause and, like, doing something for a reason," O'banion said. "I think people like, need to realize that there's people out here in schools that are like, actually struggling." 

But now, Mitchell said it's the program that needs help. Growing demand and a recent theft has led to a bit of a shortage. The program is donation-based and Mitchell said with the holidays coming up, they're at an all-time high for needing donations. 

"The holidays are coming up and we have food for weeks but we don't have enough to provide for the multiple weeks that are coming up," Mitchell said. "After the holiday is over, our pantry is completely depleted."

If you'd like to help, here's where you can donate.

WATCH: Manor students helping feed classmates in need


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