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We Are Not Broken gives women a platform to share their scar stories, both inside and out

For more than five years, the organization We Are Not Broken has helped turn trauma into triumph for women across the world.

GEORGETOWN, Texas — Starting back in 2017, We Are Not Broken (WANB) has helped more than 500 women tell the story behind their scars. Whether it was internal trauma from their past or an external wound from medical treatment, WANB has been an outlet for women across the world. 

Every photo is a snapshot of our lives, a piece of our story. But for Nic Austin, every photo is a chance for women to share.

"So let's turn scars into stories," Austin described. "Like, they are stories already but let's tell them."

They're sharing stories of healing and the stories behind the scars to empower. They're letting everyone know where their scars come from.

"I think, for me, there are so many factors in how it started, but let's create a new culture around scars," she explained. "Instead of saying, 'Oh, she has this scar, what's wrong with her?', why don't we just say, 'Oh, that's a really cool scar, let me find out what the story is." 

But to ask others to be vulnerable, she has to share too.    

"So I got diagnosed with breast cancer in December. I got invasive ductal carcinoma," she said to Brandi, who was there sharing her breast cancer story.

"I'm like, I can't ask women to come in and be vulnerable if I'm not willing to be that vulnerable, so I got to do my story," she explained. "It's not just about photographing scars, it really is about storytelling." 

Storytelling, by telling their full story in a video that goes out with their photos. 

Stories like Maria, who survived a house fire in 2004 and had multiple abusive relationships. Not a single scar on the outside of her body, but internal ones that helped her grow to who she is today. 

Or Jamie, who survived a suicide attempt after a lifetime of other struggles leading her to that. Now, Jamie is a member of the board for WANB. 

Lastly, Brandi was diagnosed with triple-negative breast cancer in August of 2020. After fertility struggles, the birth of her child and the process of breastfeeding led her to her diagnosis. 

A chance to heal themselves, empowering others to do the same. 

"Women are my passion to empower," said Austin. 

If you would like to find out more about WANB, click here.


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