AUSTIN, Texas — This weekend in Austin waterways, at least three people were hurt. Two incidents happened at Bull Creek, and the other happened at the Barton Creek Greenbelt.

On Sunday, Austin-Travis County EMS, or ATCEMS, said a man dove head-first into shallow waters at Bull Creek.

The other was Saturday, involving someone who jumped and landed on a teenage girl, also at Bull Creek.

And at the Barton Creek Greenbelt, a woman was hurt falling on the rocks.

Veronica Ramirez was leaving the Bull Creek Greenbelt on Sunday evening with her family when the man dove head-first.

"I saw a large group of people gather around,” said Ramirez. “They were covering the guy's head with towels to stop the bleeding. I heard somebody ask him if he could move and he wasn't even able to shake his head or nod or anything."

Darren Noak with ATCEMS said if you dive, know what you’re getting into first.

"Swim, check for underground obstacles," he said. "Check what the depth of the water is."

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EMS said, of course, avoid diving when you do not know what is underwater.

When you go out to greenbelts, be prepared for a hike.

"If you're going to hike for some distance, but then you know you're going to partake in a water activity once you get there, be cognizant of the shoes you're wearing," said Noak.

For Ramirez, she said her kids do not want to return to Bull Creek, and they learned a harsh lesson about water safety on Sunday.

"I think this will stay with them for a little while," said Ramirez.

First responders are not releasing the name of the man who went head-first into Bull Creek.

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