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Made by Mariel: Easy DIY light hack for your home

Adding light to a part of the room is easy with this creative hack.

AUSTIN, Texas — Adding light to a room can be both intimidating and a hassle. Mariel Ruiz is here to "shine a light" on an easy do-it-yourself hack for adding trendy wall sconces to any space without the pesky wires. 

Yes, that means no electrical wiring and no need to pick the location of your lighting based on electrical outlets. 

Here is what you will need for DIY lights: 

  • Wall sconce or sconces
  • LED light pucks with a remote 
  • Batteries if light puck requires it
  • Superglue
  • Wire cutters

How to make DIY lights in your home:

1. Add batteries to the light pucks. Close the light puck and carefully add adhesive to the bottom of the puck. Be careful to not add super glue to the actual bulb of the puck. 

2. Place the light puck inside the sconce in place of a light bulb. Let cure. 

3. Use the wire cutters to get rid of wires that you won't need. 

4. Put the sconce together.

5. Now place sconce wherever you'd like! 

This is a hack that I found other DIYers trying out. It is so much cheaper and safer than rewiring. Plus, now you have a remote to control lights! 

Remember to only add super glue to the very bottom of the puck. This allows you to change the batteries when needed by simply removing the top half of the light puck. 

Happy DIY-ing!