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Made by Mariel: Patio painting

Brighten up the outside of your home with this easy DIY!

AUSTIN, Texas — Temperatures are climbing and patios are begging to be used. An easy way to brighten and clean the porch is to paint it! Try looking up patio painting for some inspiration. Before gathering materials, measure the space that will be painted. This will save time and money.


  • Concrete, patio paint
  • A roller per color used
  • A stencil (optional)
  • Painters tape
  • A broom


1. Clear out furniture and sweep the area.
2. Tape the edges so that paint doesn’t get on house.
3. Pour base paint in a tray and use the rollover to spread paint on porch.
4. Wait suggested time for paint to dry.
5. Lay down stencil and use painters tape to secure stencil.
6. With a new paint roller, spread a second paint color over the stencil. Careful not to lift stencil with the roller. Once done, carefully lift stencil.
7. Once second coat is dry, add furniture back.
8. Enjoy!

Patio paint is a great alternative to an outdoor rug. It is pet friendly and it cleans up easy.


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