AUSTIN, Texas — Editor's note: The attached video is about Willie Nelson's impact in Austin.

You can win a chance to meet Willie Nelson, a signed guitar and trip to the Luck Reunion music festival hosted by Nelson by entering a raffle.

Other items in the raffle include a special performance from Nelson in his backyard accompanied by a multi-course dinner, being flown to Texas and staying in a 4-star hotel.


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The raffle is in support of Farm Aid, a non-profit organization dedicated to helping family farmers and growing local and regional markets.

While you can make a donation to enter the raffle, you also have the opportunity to enter without contributing.

Nelson himself has posted about the raffle, asking his followers to support Farm Aid.

The raffle is being hosted by the for-profit company Omaze. According to its about page, 60% of the proceeds will be donated to the charity, 25% will go towards marketing expenses and 15% of the donation will go towards Omaze.

Donations to Farm Aid can be made directly online through its webpage.

WATCH: Willie Nelson says he's quitting smoking weed


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