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BALD: 'Comfortable' Jason Momoa in Rocket Mortgage commercial had fans disturbed

You've never seen the 'Aquaman' star like this before.

Jason Momoa showed fans how he gets "comfortable" Rocket Mortgage's Super Bowl ad and the results disturbed fans everywhere. 

"What does home mean to me?" the 40-year-old actor says as he walks away from from the paparazzi towards his house.. "It's my sanctuary." 

"It's where I can let my guard down," the actor says. "It's where I can kick back and totally be comfortable in my own skin." As he speaks, the 'Aquaman star, known for his toned physique, begins to rip off all of his muscles. He takes off his arms, abs and chest until all that's left is a thin man with Momoa's face. 

"Rocket Mortgage knows that home is where I can be myself," he says. 

If fans weren't traumatized enough by the image of Momoa ripping off his entire chest, the actor then pulls off his iconic head of hair. Beneath his long locks is the head of a balding man. 

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Momoa's wife, Lisa Bonet, also made a cameo in the commercial. She's seen spotting Momoa as he struggles to do a bench press. 

Fans everywhere were highly disturbed by the shocking image of a thin Momoa

One fan admitted the commercial was funny, but also described it as everyone's "worst nightmare."

Another called out Rocket Mortgage for committing blasphemy by showing the actor with such a shocking physique. 

One fan lauded the actor for being so secure in his body. 

Some said the Rocket Mortgage spot was the best of the night. 

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