The Texas State Bobcats have one of the fiercest pitchers in all of college softball. Randi Rupp leads the Sun Belt conference in wins, ERA and strikeouts.

What you may not know about is her secret weapon: her catcher and twin sister, Sara.

The two girls have been playing softball since they were little, forging an unbreakable bond unlike any other. Something so unique, that it wasn't until college when they realized how special it was.

"When we were in High School, we always caught each other but when we got to college, Randi would throw to a different catcher and I'd catch a different pitcher. It was just a very different bond that I never really knew of," Sara Rupp said.

There couldn't be a more important relationship on the diamond than a pitcher-catcher duo. Making Texas State pitching coach Cat Osterman's job a little easier.

"They have a bond that we can't teach even with other catchers. They'll obviously have something no one else will because they've been side by side for close to 21 years. It's so easy that they have that built in relationship," Osterman said.

"We have that bond without softball. We're very close, she's the first high-five I give when I come off the field," Randi Rupp said.

They have less than two seasons of high-fives left as they're in the middle of their junior campaigns. But while Randi won't always have Sara as a backstop, she'll always have her backing in life.