SAN MARCOS, Texas — Texas State University parents were left worried as they moved their daughter into a San Marcos residence Sunday that is located near the apartment complex that caught on fire just days prior.

Four bodies have been recovered at the scene of the apartment fire and officials said there's a possibility more could be found.


Search efforts continue: Fourth body recovered from deadly San Marcos apartment fire

'I'm lucky I got out alive': Residents jumped to safety during deadly San Marcos fire, witnesses say

"It's really scary that it happened just next door. Now, fire security and safety is on my mind," said Kate Landers, a student at Texas State University who moved into the apartment complex next door just days after the intense flames.

"I can't even imagine losing family members," Kate Landers said. "That's an entire new level of grief."

Kate Landers and her family were moving furniture into her new apartment as hundreds of people looked through the burned rubble across the street to retrieve any valuables.

"As a parent, it makes me so sad to know that someone has lost a child," said Kate Landers' mother, Louann Landers.

The Landers family will be leaving their daughter at her apartment complex with more worries on their minds than they expected.

"I've already asked about fire extinguishers and smoke alarms," Louann Landers said while watching what was left of Friday's unexpected tragedy.

Louann Landers told KVUE the fire is a reminder that tomorrow is never promised.

"Sometimes families don't get the chance to say goodbye. So, even if it's through the phone, the one thing I tell my husband and children is that I love them," Louann Landers tearfully said.

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