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Wunderkeks offers dessert lovers a little nostalgia with every bite

Wunderkeks is so much more than just a cookie business. It’s now a multi-million dollar dessert empire building a safe space, one bite at a time.

AUSTIN, Texas — As part of KVUE's celebration of Hispanic Heritage Month, we visited the Wunderkeks factory and met the co-founders who are using food to tell their story.

Born and raised in Guatemala, Hans Schrei and Luis Gramajo faced discrimination early on in their relationship.

“In Guatemala, we were two men selling cakes out of a pink box. That was our store,” Schrei said. “In many ways, that was how we expressed who we were. So we built that into a business.”

After not being allowed to exist as a couple in their home country, the pair left for Austin and used their experience from Guatemala as a driving force.

“Instead of it bringing us down, it’s one of our strengths,” Gramajo said. “It’s one of the reasons why we can tell the story that we can right now.”

From a table at the farmer’s market to a cookie empire, Wunderkeks has embodied and embraced the inclusive spirit of Austin. 

“They just bite into their childhood. It takes them back to a time when you were just a kid and no one had told you there was something wrong with you,” Schrei said. “You are very innocent, and you’re just enjoying a cookie.”

To learn more about Wunderkeks and to get a taste of the sweet treats they have to offer, check out the company's Instagram.

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