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VERIFY: Do two positive COVID-19 results for one person count for two positive cases?

Austin Public Health is explains how case numbers are reported.

AUSTIN, Texas — We received some questions about COVID-19 testing and the number of cases in Travis County.

There are claims that if you test positive, then go back to get retested and it comes back as positive again, it will count as two cases.

So, are the number of COVID-19 cases counted by the number of positive tests or by the person?

Our source is a spokesperson for Austin Public Health.


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They said the case numbers reported includes any person in Austin-Travis County who has tested positive.

When the results come in, part of their data-entry process is to cross-check the names with the database and remove any duplicates to ensure that people aren't being counted more than once.

So the claim that the more positive test results you get the more cases there are is false.


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