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Rio Vista Dam and Falls in San Marcos to be repaired following past flooding

Damage caused by past flooding, including the 2015 floods, is forcing the city of San Marcos to make emergency repairs.

SAN MARCOS, Texas — The city of San Marcos is making emergency repairs to Rio Vista Dam and Falls along the San Marcos River, a section of the river Texans love to swim and float down. 

It was damage caused by past flooding, including the 2015 floods, that initiated the emergency repairs to Rio Vista Dam and Falls. 

The parks department is warning locals and tourists to use caution in the swimming spot, since the weather is warming up. 

“The full extent of these damages may not be revealed until repairs begin,” said Parks Operations Manager Bert Stratemann. “We are notating the area of most concern with caution tape in the short term, but are in the process of erecting secure fencing.”


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 An onsite review by Recreation Engineering and Planning (REP) last December has recommended improvements for safety.

On a recent inspection, engineers determined that there are several areas below the second and third drops that may pose a safety risk and require repairs. 

“Since it may take several months to receive our permits to begin work, visitors should use caution while recreating in the river and avoid the areas that are temporarily closed off,” Stratemann continued.  “Visitors may still enjoy our river, but it’s recommended that they not go into any underwater ledge areas, as they might not be stable, and not swim alone or without a life jacket.”


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