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Texas Gov. Abbott discusses Biden gun orders, border policy on FOX News

President Biden said he wanted the Department of Justice to regulate so-called "ghost guns."

TEXAS, USA — Texas Gov. Greg Abbott is fighting back on President Joe Biden's recent executive action on gun control.

Last week, President Biden said he wanted the Department of Justice to regulate so-called "ghost guns," which are kits that can be purchased and made into a fully functioning gun, and limit stabilizing braces, which can turn a pistol into a short-barreled rifle.

In an interview with FOX News on Sunday, Gov. Abbott said he doesn't think it's right for President Biden to do this.

"I think that there is no acceptable way that a president, by executive order, can infringe upon second amendment rights or alter second amendment rights," said Abbott. "If the president really wanted to do something substantively, [what he] could do by executive order is to eliminate the backlog of complaints that have already been filed about gun crimes that have taken place."

The governor claimed that there have been thousands of complaints about people providing false information to try and buy a gun, but the government has prosecuted fewer than 100 of those.

Abbott also spoke on immigration, after more than 172,000 migrants were stopped at the border last month – the most in 20 years.


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Gov. Abbott asks Vice President Harris to shut down migrant facility in San Antonio

The Biden administration is telling migrants not to come, but unlike the Trump administration, children who are traveling alone aren't being sent back to their home countries.

Gov. Abbott said this was a problem.

"The Biden administration was simply unprepared to deal with the massive inflow that were coming in, which is why they haphazardly responded to this and that is why we have seen the dire consequences for these kids, for the adults and especially for the State of Texas and will only get worse," he said.

Gov. Abbott also said he believes President Biden should re-implement the "remain in Mexico" policy, build the border wall and send a stronger message to migrants, telling them not to cross the border illegally.

Host Chris Wallace also questioned the governor on why he didn't seem to question similar border concerns while President Donald Trump was in office.

“Governor, there were thousands of complaints of sexual abuse at migrant shelters during the Trump years,” Wallace said, noting his team could not find “one instance of [him] complaining and calling that out.”

Abbott responded, saying there are "multiple differences" between the two administrations that have caused him to react in recent weeks. One of those, he said, was better communication from Trump's team. He also said it's because the recent reports were filed with state agencies, including the Texas Health and Human Services Commission and the Department of Family and Protective Services, which he is taking an interest in.


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