CEDAR PARK, Texas — Two doves were released to honor the memory of two little boys killed one year ago Thursday in Cedar Park.

It happened on 1431 and Walton Way. One-year-old Daniel Chaudhary and eight-year-old Elijah Chaudhary were both killed instantly after the driver of a truck slammed into their car.

The driver of that truck and another truck are charged with two counts of racing on a highway causing death. Their trial was delayed until at least April in Williamson County.

In the meantime, Elijah Chaudhary’s mother, Tansy Silva, is trying to cope with her grief, as well as her frustration.

She told KVUE that they’ve tried for a year to push for change at the intersection where her son was killed.

Family friend Lari Burson told KVUE they believe the problem is with the timing of the turn signal at 1431 and Walton Way. The green turn arrow is about 10 seconds long, then it quickly turns yellow and red before it switches to a blinking yellow light for about two minutes.

"There's no doubt, aside from this awful tragedy, that there have been several accidents here,” Burson said. 

She has lived in the area for several years. 

"I think the timing of the lights is something they need to look into for sure. It’s just not safe," Burson said.

A Cedar Park police spokesperson said their department is just down the street, so their officers regularly patrol that intersection.

Additionally, the City of Cedar Park is in charge of the light, not TxDot.

A city spokesperson told KVUE that their engineer did come out and look at the crash data, but it didn't warrant enough for a change. So for now, they want to emphasize that the drivers who were racing were doing so illegally and dangerously. 

The spokesperson said, “Cedar Park Police remain vigilant in monitoring and patrolling that intersection."

The family said they’re exhausted by the efforts and do not plan on returning to the crash site since it’s too painful. A family friend will take care of the memorial marker crosses where the two boys died.