AUSTIN, Texas — One man is walking around town without his "Yeezys," a popular shoe designed by rapper Kanye West, after an alleged beating and robbery at a southwest Austin Whataburger restaurant.

Police said they responded to the fast food joint at 1908 W. Ben White Boulevard around 3:43 a.m. on Feb. 17 after getting a report of a disturbance and silent robbery alarm. The first officer to arrive witnessed a disturbance occurring inside the restaurant and approached the manager, who came outside pointing at a silver Chevrolet occupied by two men. 

After approaching the men, who the manager said was involved in the alleged robbery, police said they refused to stop and fled the scene. The officer then radioed the description of the vehicle to other units.

Upon further investigation, police learned that a group of five men allegedly started a fight with another group of four men inside the restaurant. In the disturbance, police said the suspects ripped a gold necklace from one victim's neck and blue Yeezys were taken from one victim's feet. 

Police later learned the remaining suspects fled in an Infinity. Four of the five suspects were identified as Manuel Solorzano Rojas, Jose Lara, Devin Segura and Paul Rodriguez Jr. The fifth has not been named.

Based on surveillance footage, police confirmed the brawl began after the suspects received their food and sat down in the back corner of the restaurant. The suspects appeared to exchange words with the other group, prompting one of the victims to stand up. The victim that stood up was then punched in the face by Lara. Following the punch, a fight erupted between the groups.

Eventually, police said three of the suspects dragged a victim outside, tossed him over a pedestrian guardrail, and then Lara kicked him. Rojas then appeared from off camera, started his vehicle, and Lara ran over to toss the shoes through the driver's side window. Lara then returned to the fight.

Police said Segura and Rojas fled the scene together, while Rodriguez, Lara and the unknown suspect left in the other vehicle.

Based on court records, it appears Rodriguez, 20, and Lara, 17, have been charged with robbery. Rodriguez was booked on Feb. 21 and Lara on March 6.


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