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Take This Job: Serving up art as an Austin barista

Our fascination with coffee is real, and beautiful designs in them add to that.

AUSTIN — People are stuck in routines and coffee is part of many morning routines.

You wake up, get your coffee, your breakfast and go on with your day, but if you throw in a little latte art -- that's an added bonus.

Bryan and I put our fancy pants on and decided to take on the job of Latte Artist at Epoch Coffee on Far West in Austin.

Our fascination with coffee is real. How about beautiful designs on top of a latte? What's not to like, right?

Latte art is all the rage these days. It's a fun way to show a barista's skillset.

"It's also a sign of hospitality. It shows that we take the time and the care and put it into every beverage that we make," said Raechel Hurd of Epoch Coffee.

Bryan and I teamed up with Raechel to make some latte art of our own.

"The tilting of the cup allows for you to pour milk into the espresso without breaking the surface of it," Raechel added.

While she steamed the milk, we practiced basic pouring techniques with just water -- controlling the speed and the amount.

Grooming the milk is key: it gets rid of any bubbles so when we poured the milk, it should have been nice and consistent.

We tried our hand at a heart and leaf design, but our designs were a bust.

With latte art, there are no do-overs. You get what you get. But Raechel sure puts things into perspective for us.

"It takes approximately eight gallons of milk for a barista to master one design, "she said.

That made us not feel as bad.

When we asked Raechel which customers get what designs, her answer was simple. She lets the milk decide.

If the milk is steamed really well, you can pour a more complicated design.

Check out tomorrow's Take This Job below:

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