AUSTIN — There is a lot more to ramen than what you find in those inexpensive packets you find at your local grocery store.

Austin's Ramen Tatsu-Ya is taking the ramen experience to a whole new level.

Friends and former local DJ's Takuya Matsumoto and Tatsu Aikawa started their first restaurant back in 2012, and they've quickly become one of the most popular ramen spots in the state.

If you're not familiar and want to give them a try, go with the original or OG. It's a pork base with marinated pork belly, mushrooms, onions and topped with Ajitama egg, a soft-boiled egg that is marinated in soy and mirin.

If you're more adventurous, you can go a with something a bit more spicy like the mi-so-hot.

Ramen Tatsu-Ya has three locations in Austin and another in Houston. Go here to find a location near you.