AUSTIN, Texas — A Nashville comedy group has a message for new residents of the Music City – move to Austin.

The group, Crashin Nashville, published a tongue-in-cheek video to social media this week entitled “A PSA from Nashville.”

In the video they call the city’s overpopulation a “crisis.”

“Don’t let your friends move to Nashville,” the group says. “We are full.”

They say the city’s growth means no one can park within a mile of local favorite Jeni’s Splendid Ice Creams, and can’t walk down the street in Nashville neighborhood The Gulch.

That’s when the video takes a turn.

“Have you been to Austin? It’s amazing. I’d move there if I could. Austin is super rad. It’s dope.”

They end the video with a bit of advice for viewers.

“Tell your friends to move to Austin.”

The video has been shared hundreds of times on the group's Facebook page.

"Sorry for the influx of migration into your great city!" the comedy group told KVUE.

You can follow Crashin Nashville on Instagram here.

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