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Gameday Grilling: Pulled pork

Learn how to make tender pulled pork for tacos, nachos, potatoes and more.

AUSTIN, Texas — Looking to spice up game day watch parties once sports return? KVUE's got you covered. Here's how to make some tender pulled pork that will impress all your friends. 


  • 1 pork shoulder (also known as "Boston butt")
  • Mustard, enough to cover the pork
  • Favorite pork rub (I use one called Rib Tickler, it's made by Williams Food Co.)
  • Salt, to taste
  • Pepper, to taste
  • Apple juice


  1. Make sure the skin is removed from your pork shoulder
  2. Cover the entire pork shoulder in mustard, then your favorite pork rub. I add extra salt and pepper.

GAMEDAY GRILLING TIP: Allow your pork shoulder to sit undisturbed for 30 minutes or more after applying the rub.

3. Preheat grill to 270 F, place the pork shoulder on the grill fat-side up, and allow it to cook for three hours.

4. After three hours, spray with apple juice once an hour, every hour until you see the fat cap split (fat on top of the pork shoulder will appear to crack in a few places).

5. Remove the pork shoulder from the grill and double wrap it in aluminum foil. Before closing the foil, spray generously with apple juice, then close foil and return it to the grill.

6. The pork shoulder is done cooking when its internal temperature hits 200 F (for my nine-pound pork shoulder, this took about two hours and 15 minutes of cooking in the foil).

7. Allow pork shoulder to rest, in the foil but away from a heat source, for one to two hours.

8. Shred and enjoy!

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