AUSTIN, Texas — There’s a new billboard possibly rolling out in Austin that may cause some controversy – it’s about breastfeeding.

The billboard shows the Virgin Mary breastfeeding baby Jesus and says “If it was good enough for Jesus... The Breast Is Best. Dump Dairy.”

The People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals, also known as PETA, is spearheading the billboard's unveiling. The organization is hoping Texans will soon see it while driving along highways and near grocery and drug stores in town.

KVUE showed the image to Stephanie Berry, an Austin mother and midwife. She said while she's chosen to breastfeed her two year old son, she doesn't quite agree with this messaging.

"As a midwife, I've seen a handful of women who truly cannot nurse,” said Berry. "I just feel like it's hard for people new mom's especially to really know what is best and messages like this feel a little judgmental."

A spokesperson for PETA said the main goal is to get more moms to breastfeed rather than use cow based formula.

“Humans are the only animals who drink the milk of another species and who drink milk beyond infancy and we can do better for our health and these mother cows by choosing vegan options,” said Amber Canavan, PETA spokesperson.

No matter what side of the fence you’re on, the image may have just enough shock factor to get people talking.

"Maybe it's going to help bring up some conversations that need to be had,” said Berry.

PETA is known for its attention grabbing campaigns, and the organization said it was specifically looking at Texas because of its high birth rate.

They're searching for ad space in the Austin area, but said the process could take sometime.