The weather is heating up and that means tubers are headed to New Braunfels, but one rule of the river could soon change.

It's not summer in Central Texas without groups of friends drifting along in tubes down the river, many with cans in hand.

Frequent Tuber Zachary Jenkins actually makes a living "banking" on the fact that people will leave some trash behind.

So the idea of a "can ban" doesn't float his boat, or tube.

"Job security. We work the river and pick up cans and stuff so it's not a good thing," Jenkins said.

But some New Braunfels leaders disagree.

Six years ago, an ordinance was passed that banned disposable containers for food and beverages.

That ordinance was later reversed. But just last week, a judge from an appeals court said that the ordinance should stand.

Some worry about what fewer visitors might mean for New Braunfels.

"I think a lot of the businesses will lose money because they bring a lot of money into the city," said tuber Kevin Kneble.

The city's mayor isn't worried until it comes to keeping the river clean.

"Because our goal is to mitigate the litter," Barron Casteel said. "And we want to make sure that everybody understands it so we're effective."

Tubers we spoke with say at peak times there is the potential for more garbage, but most agree with Jenkins.

"Every normal weekend in the summer, I don't see why that would be a problem," Jenkins added.

KVUE's media partners at the Austin-American Statesman reports the council is set to decide on the details of the ban and its rollout at its first meeting in June.