The day after Austin's explosions investigation came to a close with the suspected bomber's death by his own explosive device, Mayor Steve Adler and members of city council commended Interim Austin Police Chief Brian Manley on his leadership of the Austin Police Department throughout the entire ordeal.

"Collectively, this dais and this community thank you for the work that you've done. The officers in the back of the room, many I saw out on the street over the last two weeks, you guys did just a hell of a job, and the entire community is indebted to you," said Mayor Adler, as he spoke directly to Manley at a city council meeting Thursday morning. Adler added that the council discussed Manley's actions during the investigation earlier in the meeting, but because Manley was not there earlier he didn't get to hear their gratitude.

After Adler finished his statement, the whole room erupted in a 20-second standing ovation for Manley.


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How a special task force helped take down the Austin bombing suspect

From March 2 until March 21, the Austin Police Department worked side-by-side with federal agents to track down the suspect accused of setting off violent explosive devices in the Austin area that were, in most cases, disguised as packages.

After the suspect made a trip to a FedEx location in Austin, the investigation unraveled. Investigators tracked the suspect down to a hotel in Round Rock where they followed his trail on Interstate 35. The suspect died after he detonated his own explosive device.