SAN MARCOS, Texas -- The room full of students at the LBJ Student Center on the campus of Texas State are full of emotion. You’ll find supporters of Student Body President Connor Clegg and those who want him impeached.

After a roll call vote on six violations presented to student government, Clegg was impeached Monday night. The Texas State senior is accused of making racist remarks on his Instagram account back in 2014 and last year.

Several students also accused Clegg of threatening to defund the student newspaper. Clegg apologized for his remarks on social media and has since deleted his account. Clegg spoke to KVUE Monday before the impeachment trial.


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“I have learned from the error of my ways and I hope that this campus can move forward in a very positive direction. I want people to focus on the good this administration has done,” Clegg said.

Clegg has 48 hours to leave office. School officials say he can appeal his decision within three days, and Clegg has two days left on his term regardless of impeachment.

Student Senator Claudia Gasponi said what happened Monday night was about standing up for what was right.

“What message would we send to students if we didn't remove someone who made such remarks? It’s about having our voices heard and doing what’s right,” Gasponi said.

Clegg did not comment on whether he would file an appeal. Right now he says he’s focused on graduation and starting a new job.