More Asian grocery stores are opening their doors to Austin customers.

Next week, 99 Ranch Market is set to open. And since H Mart opened last week, it's been packed.

Fans of the grocery store said it serves as gathering place for people to celebrate all aspects of the Asian culture.

"We're really just excited to see what they have here," shopper Sarah Kim said. "Myself being Korean, usually when we have to go get Korean food or Korean culture we have to travel to Houston or Dallas. H Mart is the first store that brings all of that together."

"It brings the food they're used to eating and used to buying in Asia to America," said Paul Kim of the Austin Asian Chamber of Commerce.

Some examples include kimchi, Golden Pompano, frozen squid, conch meat and little octopus.

"If customer buys any fish, we like to customize as they want it," employee Jin Lee said.

At H Mart, it's not just about the food, there's also an emphasis on K Beauty.

"It is skincare and cosmetic products from Korea," employee Jane Moon said. "One of the most popular products is face masks. Korean people are very fascinated about taking care of their skin."

H Mart was founded in 1982 in Queens New York and, since then, the chain has expanded to more than 50 cities nationwide.

Almost all of stores have an expansive food court, but live music and their 99-cent beer from the "Let Them Talk" bar is unique to Austin.

"H Mart is an Asian market but what they're trying to do right now is a cross appeal to mainstream America," Kim said. "We want it to be the neighborhood hangout."