The Texas Alcoholic Beverage Commission is being investigated for allegedly not following state law.

Darryl Darnell of Georgetown filed a complaint against the agency in November after the National Conference of State Liquor Administrators took place at the Radisson Hotel downtown Sept. 25 through the 28th.

Darnell said paid admission to the conference included alcoholic drinks served in the hospitality suite and they were restricted only to paying conference attendees.

His complaint went on to say that the TABC advised there wasn't a record of an alcohol license or permit issued for the event. Darnell who retired from the TABC about a year ago feels the agency should to do the right thing and admit what was done.

“Not only are the employees looking for the leaders to be held accountable, but people in the public are looking for our state agency leaders to be held accountable,” Darnell said.

Officials with TABC told KVUE that state law, in general, allows anyone to give away alcohol without a permit as long as no money changes hands. The person also has to be of legal age whether they brought a ticket to the conference or not. TABC Public Information Officer Chris Porter sent a statement to KVUE saying in part:

“TABC investigates all citizen complaints against the agency and its employees as required by law and our internal policies. An investigation into the allegations is underway by the agency’s Office of Professional Responsibility. Because of the ongoing investigation, we cannot discuss specifics related to this complaint."

This investigation could take up to 20 days to complete. If necessary, disciplinary action could follow.