GEORGETOWN, Texas -- Drivers for Faith in Action Georgetown take clients to doctors' appointments, the grocery store, or to get a haircut each week -- wherever they need to go.

They work to give free rides to those who are 65 years or older, and said they need more volunteers and donations to accommodate their growth.

"Since we are growing and don't see that to be slowing down anytime soon, the need is there,” said Executive Director Vickie Orcutt.

Orcutt said in the last year, they saw a 55 percent increase in the demand for rides, saying they gave 10,000 rides in 2017.

She also said they saw a 23 percent increase in the number of clients, saying they now have close to 700 people who she says rely on them.

"If you don't have transportation, how do you get to where it is that you need to be to be able to live," said Orcutt.

Each year, they hold a choir concert to help raise money for the organization. Faith in Action will host their 17th annual concert on April 19 at First Baptist Church in Georgetown at 1333 W. University Ave.

The show will begin at 7 p.m., and will showcase choirs from 10 churches in the area.

“We look to raise $40,000,” said Orcutt.

That money will go to volunteer training, scheduling software and expanding programs.

Orcutt said they want to add new group bus trips to the grocery store, and personal grocery shoppers for clients.

"We're looking at processes, and how can we be more efficient,” said Orcutt.

Alma Thomas and her husband both used the transportation service.

"We just have one car, and it was down,” said Thomas.

After a health scare in fall 2017, Thomas's doctor said she needed to visit multiple times a week.

"My husband was having some heart issues, and the doctor said we both needed to go,” said Thomas.

But without a car, they were stuck. That's when their doctor referred them to Faith in Action Georgetown.

"Then they started picking us up, and it was just wonderful,” said Thomas.

The organization has about 300 volunteer drivers, but Orcutt said they can always use more.

"If we don't have those volunteers, we can't continue to provide the rides,” said Orcutt.

Becky Lanclos is a volunteer driver.

"I wanted something I could do to help give back to the community, and service older citizens, or senior citizens that need help,” said Lanclos.

She enjoys meeting all types of people.

"A lot of times they just need company,” said Lanclos.

While many of the drivers take clients to doctor’s appointments, Orcutt said taking them to social places like the beauty salon can be just as important.

"Being able to keep individuals connected to that is so important,” said Orcutt. "Many times I say it's not rides, it's relationships."

Whether a ride or a relationship, Orcutt said they just want to help more senior citizens in need.

"There's so many older people that have no way to go if they're not picked up,” said Thomas.