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Creatively keeping you safe: Why one sheriff's office is employing a cutout deputy

The Williamson County Sheriff's Office is hoping their newest deputy will help keep the community safe in a creative way.

WILLIAMSON COUNTY, Texas — Williamson County Sheriff Robert Chody introduced a cardboard cutout as a deputy on Monday.

Sheriff Chody said the cutout will be in spots to help deter speeders, like school zones.

"So when we start putting these cardboard cutouts in different areas of location, then replacing it with an actual deputy who’s writing tickets or enforcing speed limits, then once the community realizes that, they can’t tell what areas are being enforced," said Sheriff Chody.

Sheriff Chody said they don't have enough people to man every school zone or area that's typical for speeders, so they hope this will be the first cutout of many.

“Our idea is to get different poses and to kind of keep the community guessing of when there actually is an actual deputy enforcing radar in high areas of visibility like school zones or areas where we have problems with traffic enforcement," said Sheriff Chody.

The sheriff also said the new flat deputy didn't cost them any taxpayer money. Instead, they used funds from criminal seizures.

Chody said the cutout will hit the streets on Tuesday.

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