AUSTIN — Austin's Restaurants Weeks kicked off Thursday to help those in need in the Central Texas community.

"It's the first time I've heard of this so it's cool that it's happening," said Euna Scott, a customer at the Sour Duck Market, a restaurant participating in the Austin Restaurant Weeks.

Hunger is a serious issue in Central Texas. According to Austin's Restaurant Weeks, one in six of our neighbors do not know where their next meal is coming from.

"It's the responsibility to local businesses to be as involved as much as possible, in order to bring awareness and community involvement at this level," said Katon Clayborn, manager at Sour Duck Market


Central Texas food pantries need donations after demanding summer

This two-week-long event will offer specially-priced lunches, dinners and drinks at select restaurants in the Austin area and a portion of the proceeds will be donated to the Central Texas Food Bank.

"You get food, and at the same time give other people food," Scott said.

Here's a look at the meal prices and how they will impact the food bank.


  • Two to three courses
  • Provides 16 meals for our neighbors in need


  • Three to four courses
  • Provides 20 meals for our neighbors in need


  • Three to four courses
  • Provides 28 meals for our neighbors in need

The food bank is able to turn every $1 donated into four meals for the less fortunate.

"I think that responsibility falls on restaurant shoulders as well especially when it comes to distributing to those in need," Clayborn said.

Some of the restaurants taking part in this cause include Café No Sé, The Peached Tortilla, Odd Duck and more. For a full list of the 82 restaurants participating in this event, click here.

"It's cool because if you're fortunate, you can help other people that are not privileged," Scott explained.

Austin's Restaurant Weeks will be from Aug. 16 to Sept. 3. For more information about this event, click here.