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Austin-based company AlertMedia helps businesses alert employees

AlertMedia helps companies communicate with their employees during natural disasters.

AUSTIN — With Hurricane Florence heading inland, some companies need to communicate with their employees as they try to make sure they're safe.

Austin company AlertMedia is helping make that happens, as their business allows a two-way mass communication between employees and the employers.

"It's so simple and we can get someone up and running within half an hour," said Catherine Avery. "I mean, right now things are super busy."

A team mans the AlertMedia Monitoring Center, which keeps the alerts flowing and is like tech support on steroids.

"Yeah, it's quite an operation we got going here," said Peter Steinfeld, the vice president of sales.

Steinfeld says that they're able to reach people through more than one form of communication, and that's part of what makes them special. Through sending a text, making a call, or even an app sending a push alert, they ensure the person who needs to see the message get's the message.

"Email is not effective enough. You need to be able to reach out to them via multiple channels and then assess feedback quickly from the field so you can direct people to do what they need to do," said Steinfeld.

It's an Austin company making sure people who are going to be dealing with a catastrophe are able to communicate with their work.

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