Summer is the perfect time to have a water balloon fight, but if you've ever had to fill and tie them, you know getting a bunch of balloons ready can take forever.

Now, one product gives people a quick way to not only make them but create watercolors too.

Battle Balloons Color Burst allows you to fill and tie water balloons, filled with brightly colored water in less than a minute. And the resulting mess can supposedly be washed out of your clothes - guaranteed!

In 2015, KVUE tested a similar product without the colorful water, Balloon Bonanza, and it worked great. The kids and adults loved it.

This time, Colby and Bryson decided to test the new product.

"We like being messy," Colby said.

Bryson added, "And to splatter colors!"

The balloons come connected to a plastic hose attachment. The first thing to do is fill a large container with water. Then, connect the balloon bundle to the water hose and watch them grow.

When the balloons are full, they seal themselves.

In about five minutes, there were 120 red, blue and green bundles of fun. The boys already planned out who to throw a balloon at first, and that was KVUE's Terri Gruca, who decided to join the fray.

A full blown water balloon battle ensued and you could see the color splatter with each hit. It looked like a rainbow tried to give those boys a hug. Soon their white shirts looked tie-dyed.

All in all, the boys had a lot of fun with the color-filled balloons. They gave it a thumbs up. But what most moms and dads want to know is: did the red blue and green dye come out of their shirts?

Terri did the laundry, and each shirt came out perfectly clean, with no trace of remaining color. It also rinsed out of her blonde hair without a problem, so she gave the product a thumbs up too.

You can find Battle Balloons Color Burst at Walmart. A pack of 120 costs about $10.