One teen’s mission to find homecoming dresses for Harvey victims has become a non-stop act of kindness to help any girl or boy in need to get what they need ahead of prom.

From every shape to every style, it’s a labor of love, lace and luxury.

Tucked inside a storage unit in Spring are racks of glittering ball gowns. From the tulle to the jewels, each is guaranteed to turn any student into Cinderella.

Oak Ridge High School freshman Ashley Reel started the dress drive immediately after Hurricane Harvey.

“It was right when homecoming season was about to start. And there was a lot of people who couldn’t focus on homecoming because of the hurricane," Reel said.

Hoping to help, she started asking for donations.

“I wanted to just collect 50, and the 50 turned into over 4,000 dresses," Reel said.

Reel was able to help over a thousand girls ahead of their big night.

“It’s something that just bring me joy in helping other people," Reel said.

But still overflowing with the satin and silk, the freshman is now focused on prom.

“We helped a group of foster girls get dresses, and we’re helping a group of special needs girls get dresses. So I'm going to keep doing collections for anyone who needs anything," Reel said.

With collections coming in from all over the country, the teen is still speechless by the kindness that sparkles around her.

“Everyday I would come home, and there would be more dresses. Just something so good came from something like the hurricane," Reel said.

In order to help all teens now, Reel is hoping to get donations for boys as well.

They are planning on holding a "Say Yes to the Prom Dress" event in April.

If you would like to donate, or if you are in need of a prom dress, you can contact Ashley through her Facebook page here.