After an evening enjoying Austin's nightlife, it might be a great idea to find someone to help you home. As part of KVUE's "Drive Alive Austin" project, here's a list of options and tips to get you home safe and sound.

Cab Companies:

Cab Tips:

1. A good thing to know: whether a cab is vacant or not. Roof light lit? Not occupied. Light not on? Occupied or off duty.

2. What's the worst time to try and get a cab? Right when you want to leave, or right when the bars close. If it's late and there's a two hour wait just to get home, use an e-hail app like Uber or Lyft.

3. If you have your wits about you, try and make the call before the bars close, unless you want to vie with hundreds of others at the same time to get home.

4. Even sneakier, there are taxi-finding apps. Try Taxi Magic or HailACab.

Rideshare Apps:

Several ride-share companies operate in and around Austin.

Uber (RETURNED TO AUSTIN MAY 29) finds your exact location via GPS, and lets you choose the closest driver.

Lyft (RETURNED TO AUSTIN MAY 29) users can request a ride by tapping a button and they come to where you are.

Ride Austin is a nonprofit that launched in Austin after Uber and Lyft halted service in May 2016.

Get Me, which launched in Austin in early 2016, offers a somewhat broader service that includes rides and requesting items for delivery.

Fasten was granted permission to operate in Austin after Prop. 1 failed and Uber and Lyft chose to halt operations.

zTrip operates taxis and black cars in the Austin area.

Wingz was previously limited to rides to and from ABIA, but was recently granted permission to operate on a wider scale. (Reservations must be made in advance.)


What's this pedicab business? Go here to learn more.

Or…take the rail.

Go here for the general Capital Metro schedule for information about bus, rail and shuttle schedules.

  • Go here for the northbound MetroRail line.
  • Go here for the southbound MetroRail line.

You can toggle through the schedules in those links to adjust the schedule if you're traveling on a weekday or weekend.

If you're completely out of luck, take the rail. It goes later on the weekends. So, depending on your location, this might be your best bet.

Go here for more transportation options from the City of Austin.