Following a controversial forum on Homeland Security titled, "Defending Against Radical Islamic Terrorism in Texas," a former state lawmaker called an Austin reporter a "low-life son of a bitch" after he asked a representative a question.

Thursday's forum, hosted by freshman Representative Kyle Biedermann (R-New Braunfels), was "all about finding out the threat of Islamic radical terrorism in the State of Texas."

After the forum, political reporter Max Gorden of Spectrum News said he asked Rep. Biedermann if he would also be holding forums on Radical Christianity and Radical Judaism. To that, former Texas Representative Molly White hurled back. Here's what happened:

White is the same representative who, back in 2015, suggested that Muslims who visited her office on Texas Muslim Capitol Day would be asked to "renounce Islamic terrorist groups and publicly announce allegiance to America and our laws."

After tweeting the outburst, Max Gorden clarified Biedermann's response to his initial question:

"As we see what's going on on the national level, our president is putting out the forefront of his agenda so we're not the ones starting this. We're the ones that want to be upfront and find the information," Biedermann said.

Meanwhile, on the other side of the Texas State Capitol, a different group was gathered. The group of Texas Muslims, state representatives and members of other faith communities spoke out against the forum and the survey Biedermann sent out ahead of it which polled their beliefs.

"We're disappointed and we feel very betrayed and singled out and absolutely discriminated against. That's not what we expect from our elected officials," said Imam Yasir Fazaga of the Islamic Center of Brushy Creek.