AUSTIN, Texas — Temperatures in the Central Texas area will drop into the upper 20s in the next few days.

With a stellar wildflower season upon us, how will our bluebonnets fare?

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Our native wildflowers are well adapted to seasonal temperature swings, Lady Bird Johnson Wildflower Center director of horticulture Andrea DeLong-Amaya says.

But with temperatures possibly dipping into the mid to low 20s for low-lying or rural areas outside of Austin, DeLong-Amaya says there will likely be singeing on new growth, such as flower buds.

The good news is bluebonnets will suffer minimal setbacks, as they and other herbaceous flowers are just beginning to show. The iconic flowers should be back to normal flowering once the cold snap passes.

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Most at risk during the lower-than-average temperatures are the Texas mountain laurels, as a hard freeze could hit while the trees are in full and fragrant bloom.