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'It's important for me' | Months later, volunteers continue to help flood victims in Portage Des Sioux

According to FEMA, one inch of flood water can cost $27,000 to fix.

PORTAGE DES SIOUX, Mo. — According to FEMA, one inch of flood water can cost $27,000 to fix. 

Sadly, many families have seen much more than that, after the flooding the bi-state experienced. 

That's why it's crucial that volunteers are stepping up, to offering a helping hand. 

The Missouri Baptist Disaster Relief asked volunteers to come and help those impacted by floodwaters. Some groups came all the way from Wisconsin and Minnesota. 

The Disaster Relief crew is a group of Southern Baptist churches working together to help anyone dealing with tragedies.

In just a few days, these men and women gutted out six homes.

But for their last home in Portage Des Sioux, it was time to put the backpack sprayers on and disinfect this home with shockwave, which is mold remediation and control product. Plus, air out the home with a fogger.

Homeowner Shelly Dreckshage didn't want to get on camera, but was still very vocal on how tough this experience has been.

"It's a lot of stress, we're waiting for everybody to OK to go back in the house and start working on it and back to where we can go back in and live in it on a regular basis," Dreckshage said.

Her family's home of 24 years has been stripped to its bare bones. Many of their belongings in the front yard: a fridge on the lawn, socks in the grass. That's why she's so thankful to have extra hands on deck, in order for her family to make their way back into their beloved home.

"It's really important for me, I'm asthmatic. I can't even go in the house while the mold was in the house, so this is a huge saver for us to not do it ourselves," Dreckshage said. 

The deadline to register with FEMA for disaster assistance is September 9th.

Teams in West Alton and Portage Des Sioux will also be handing out shockwave July 27th from 9 a.m.-4 p.m. You can bring a gallon jug and fill it up.

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