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Can cold weather protect against allergies?

Cold temperatures during the fall season often serve as the gateway to the holiday season. Others may look to the temperatures bringing some relief to their seasonal allergies, but does the chill in the air really do anything at all?

CENTRAL TEXAS — Outdoor temperatures are beginning to fall well below normal across South Texas and the Lone Star state.

Many of us worry that these temperatures will catch us off guard, but could these chilly temperatures bring some relief to others that suffer yearly from outdoor allergens?


Wet weather, cold temps brewing bad 'cedar fever'

True or False?: Can cold weather protect against allergies?

During the fall and winter seasons, there are a multitude of illnesses and germs that accompany our surroundings. In contrast from the outdoor activities we participate in during the spring and summer, we resort to areas indoors out of the elements. Indoors breed cold, flu and sinus illnesses that would otherwise have an escape outdoors. While we are bundling up and staying warm indoors, there is an easier transfer from one another in close proximity. We also have to juggle dander, dust mites, mold, pest droppings, and not to mention other things we drag in from the outdoors.

What can you do to protect yourself from getting sick?

Consider installing a humidifier in your home or office. Researchers suggest that this will alleviate some of the strain on dryness, itchy skin, bleeding nose, sore throat and cracked lips. However, be sure to keep the temperature at or below 50 degrees so that you do not promote mold growth because of the extra moisture.

Also, never understatement the power of cleanliness. Washing your hands frequently, thoroughly, and using extra measures to stay clean during the season can make a difference between being sick and being well. Additionally, take advantage of medical vaccines.

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