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A look back on the searing conditions of summer 2018

The highest temperature in Austin during the summer was experienced on July 23 at 110 degrees.

AUSTIN — It is to little doubt that the summer 2018 was a very hot one. Abundant sunshine reigned across the land from the Hill Country to the urban developments along Interstate 35 to east and southeastern corridors of Bastrop, Lee, and Fayette counties.

Let's take a look at some of the statistics experienced during both the meteorological and astrological summer.


Summer 2018 set to be one of the hottest ever for Austin

Summer-like heat wave breaking records

Meteorological summer began on June 1 and astrological summer began on June 21. In the month of June, the warmest temperature experienced was 101 degrees on both the June 27 and June 30, with the most precipitation experienced on the June 4 at 1.27 inches.

However, it got progressively worse in July with 17 days of triple-digit surface highs. Fourteen of those days occurred consecutively. The highest temperature was experienced on July 23 at 110 degrees with 1.70 inches of precipitation experienced on the July 4 and 1.77 inches experienced on July 9.

August was not too far away with 105 degrees taking first place as the hottest day of the month on Aug. 17. August also experienced 23 days of triple-digit temperatures. Four days in August were consecutively at 104 degrees and three days were consecutively at 102 degrees. Texans felt the heat wholeheartedly with incredulous humidity across Central Texas.

At the start of meteorological fall on Sept. 1, Austin Camp Mabry recorded a high temperature of 100 degrees, marking the 52nd day of triple-digit temperatures in the summer season.

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