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'50 years of hard work, gone' | Elgin man loses home in tornado storm

Doyle Rogers said he escaped through a crack when his walls caved in.

ELGIN, Texas — Eighty-four year old Elgin resident Doyle Rogers reminisced on what was 50 years of his life, now turned to rubble. No more roof, no more walls. All he has is memories. 

“I’m kind of devastated. I mean, 50 years of hard work, gone,” said Rogers. 

Rogers was sitting on this chair eating a sandwich when the storm happened. He escaped with his life by crawling through a crack between the door and the wall, which both caved in. 

“The whole wall came down and the roof caved in, and all that and I was underneath it. I just kept scrounging around. A microwave hit me on the side.”

He said the storm took a heavy toll in just under a minute. While it was happening, all he wanted to do was live. 

“I’m lucky I got out alive, to tell you the truth,” he said.

Now his loved ones drag what is left of the house into a pile of debris. And with no insurance, Rogers doesn’t know what he’s going to do. 

While they can’t fix it, his loved ones are here to pick up the pieces from the house – and of Roger's heart. 

A GoFundMe has been has been started to help him recover.


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