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Cedar season in Central Texas is nearing its end

With this cedar season having such an early peak, the end may arrive sooner than normal.

AUSTIN, Texas — Every year, thousands of Central Texans suffer miserably from mountain cedar. Itchy eyes, runny nose -- you probably know the feeling.

If you're one of those people, there is good news for you: We're finally heading toward the end of cedar fever.

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Cedar fever had an early start with counts peaking in early to mid-December to approximately 8,000 gr/m3. It was the second highest count we had ever seen for the month of December. However, in the past week, most counts have been less than 100 gr/m3.

Here's Tuesday's count:

Credit: KVUE

Although cedar season typically sticks around until mid-February, we're expecting the potency to drop down in intensity until then. With this season having such an early peak, the end may arrive sooner than normal.

KVUE meteorologists check our own pollen counts everyday. To keep an eye on the latest count, click on this link below for the allergy report: 

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