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KVUE Daybreak crew scratches skydiving off bucket list at iFLY

For this edition of Daybreak Adventures, the KVUE Daybreak crew visited iFly, an indoor skydiving facility.

AUSTIN, Texas — Skydiving is a bucket list item for many people, at least for those of you who'd be willing to jump out of a perfectly good airplane.

But it turns out there's a way to do it while staying right here on the ground. Well, kind of.

For this edition of Daybreak Adventures, the KVUE Daybreak crew visited iFly, an indoor skydiving facility.

Before the team stepped into a wind chamber blowing at speeds that would qualify as a major hurricane – you knew the weather analogies were coming – first the team needed to go back to school, and let's just say it's been a while since all of us have been in a classroom.

After demonstrating their knowledge in the classroom, it was time for the crew to suit up and take flight.

They all lined up and headed into the wind chamber with winds blowing at about 120 mph. First up was Yvonne Nava, the veteran skydiver of the group.

KVUE's iFly instructor was Waz, an instructor with more than 5,300 skydives under his belt.

"She was giggling her face off," Waz said. "She was laughing her face off. It was super fun, man, she was just flying around. She's done it before so she was way more comfortable, and as you come back you come in like an old pro."

Next up was Bryce Newberry, who went into the chamber with high expectations after establishing himself as the classroom pet.

"He's just athletic. He was aware of his body, right? When I said, lift your knees, he looked at his knees," Waz said. "Hands were out, chin was up. It wasn't like a struggle for him at all, right?"

Hannah Rucker got in a little trouble for over-socializing in the classroom but aced the test once she got in the tunnel.

"People walk in expecting a carnival-style ride, and we want to offer you that experience. But you are in control of yourself. Right? Like, we can control you, but it's better if you control yourself. And I want to make sure that she actually was able to process the tools that I was offering," Waz said.

Our very own "Top Gun" aficionado was born to wear a flight suit and Maverick, Rob Evans, quickly got the hang of things, followed by Dominique Newland, who made it looks easy.

And finally, it was Hunter Williams' turn to get in on the fun. 

"You were serious, dude. You're a serious, dude," Waz said.

"Everybody looks like a fool. That's the best part," Waz said. "Nobody looks cool. We're all just trying to learn."


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