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Daybreak Adventures: XTreme Force Hollywood Adventures

The KVUE Daybreak team played action heroes for a day at XTreme Force Hollywood Adventures & Entertainment.

AUSTIN, Texas — Did you know there is a place in Austin where you can pretend to be in an action movie? The KVUE Daybreak team decided it would be fun to be action heroes for a day, so they headed out to XTreme Force Hollywood Adventures & Entertainment.

We learned from owner and stunt trainer Mark Anthony.

"We do everything with stunts: action with pyrotechnics, squibs, high falls, fire, car driving. Anything with action, we do it," Anthony said.

While the fight sequence between Hunter and I was, no question, better than Bryce and Hannah's, Anthony knew better than to let us go straight for the main attraction without any training.

After we each had a couple of clean rounds on the mat, we braved the 20-foot climb to start practicing the high fall.

"What we just did down there, we are going to do up here," Anthony said.

Not a single one of us was scared. After watching everyone else's technique, Hunter Williams flipped out – literally!

Once we got comfortable with the jump, it was time to add in our dramatic fight scenes – with the most dramatic group you could ask for.

We finally nailed that stunt ... sort of.

Then it was time to give something else a shot, preferably on land. But what we didn't anticipate was getting lit on fire. 

Yes, on purpose, but with a protective layer on our skin, of course. Don't try this at home!

Finally, we were thrown through a wall. Well, a wall of cardboard boxes. It was like a superhero used all their strength on us, but in reality, we were attached to a line that was pulled by a machine. That's how the magic happens.

Anthony said he teaches stunts based on everyone's comfort level.

"Everybody comes out. You're pretty much a beginner," he said.

The point of the day is just to come together as a team and have fun. But I guess we should just stick with the news.

Xtreme Force Hollywood Adventures & Entertainment is located at 13317 Fitzhugh Road in Austin. 

For more Daybreak Adventures, check out our YouTube playlist.


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