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Sledgehammers, splatter paint and safety goggles | Let off some steam at Unchartered Adventures

For the latest edition of Daybreak Adventures, Team Daybreak headed out to Unchartered Adventures in Kyle for a smashing good time.

KYLE, Texas — After a tough day in front of the camera, there's nothing the KVUE Daybreak team loves better than to crack open a can of paint and get creative.

"We are artistic, guys. This is a beautiful masterpiece," Conner Board said.

Wait, who are we kidding? We came to rage!

At Unchartered Adventures in Kyle, you can unleash your inner beast by taking sledgehammers and baseball bats to a car. But don't worry: the vehicle's owner won't come looking for it. 

"We have someone from San Antonio who brings [the cars] up, and he's a junk car guy, so it's a good relationship that we have," said Damon Fogley, owner of Unchartered Adventures.

Something bothering you lately? You can get your therapy here. But, of course, safety is key. 

"Everyone is going to wear protective gear. So, they're going to get coveralls, face shields, eye protection and gloves," Fogley said.

Rain or shine, Unchartered Adventures is held in a garage, so you just need to bring the heat. 

"I'm buying a Nissan next time, good Lord," KVUE's Rob Evans said.

There is something for everyone of every age to do. 

"We do birthday parties, divorce parties. Just come and have fun," Fogley said.

Unchartered Adventures also has "rage rooms" where you break household items and electronics. Ax throwing is another draw. 

"But it's cosmic ax throwing, so the targets actually light up with a black light," Fogley said.

Before the KVUE Daybreak team left, we wanted to end our adventure on a more relaxed note, so we hit up the splatter paint room. 

"With splatter paint, you get four different UV colors. Everything lights up when you go in the room. It's all water-soluble paint, so it washes out really easily," Fogley said. "Get a paint gun so you can shoot each other with paint. You get to play your music in there. It's fully immersive, fully interactive, so the clouds change colors with your music also."

Unchartered Adventures is open from 1 p.m. until 10 p.m. six days a week and until midnight on Saturdays. The team also plans to open an escape room soon. 

If you can't make it out to Kyle, Unchartered Adventures can bring the party to your office or backyard, thanks to their mobile rage room and Wild West target shooting experience.

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