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Daybreak Adventures: Topgolf Austin

The KVUE Daybreak team channeled their inner PGA Tour players and took a swing at Topgolf.

AUSTIN, Texas — On a hot, spring day, there's nothing like a trip to the golf course. Well, a climate-controlled version of it. 

"Topgolf is a unique experience for both our playmakers and our players. We get to offer the game of golf to every demographic and age, from tots to senior golfers," said Hunter Farris, the director of operations at Topgolf Austin.

Topgolf is advertised as an inclusive, high-tech golf game that everyone can enjoy. That includes Team Daybreak, sun visors and all! 

After a few practice swings, it was game on.

First up was Bryce Newberry. He was a little nervous, but he definitely looked the part – even though his follow-through was a little off.

Hunter Williams was up next. He's a meteorologist in the morning and clearly Tiger Woods by lunchtime.

Anytime a golf ball makes it into a target, it registers points back into the gaming system. Topgolf also uses patented ball flight technology called Top Tracer. 

"It's going to track the flight of the golf ball, distance, speed, accuracy, apex curve, so on and so forth," Ferris said.

Dominique Newland was third to swing. 

"Hey, I'm just happy if I get my ball onto the green," Newland said. 

"Someone said it's in the hip, so I'm just trying. Believe me, I've got enough hip, so let's see," Yvonne Nava said.

Like Shakira said, "Hips don't lie."

"We've got a handful of games in the system, traditional games that register the microchip in the golf ball. But also, with Top Tracer technology, the ability to play virtual courses from St. Andrew's to Pebble Beach to Kauai," Ferris said.

Last but not least was KVUE's own pro golfer from Kauai – Rob Evans. He who was teaching us all a thing or two.

"So, the weight always goes on the front move. And this is always touch or die, just like that. So, that's perfect like that. That is gorgeous," Evans said.

"We've got league night where it's a more competitive environment, where we get more avid golfers that come out and play against each other in a more competitive setting," Ferris said.

Even though none of the Daybreak team will be going to the PGA anytime soon, we still had a tee-rific time.

Topgolf is open year-round and with school out for the summer, it's offering a 5-day summer academy where kids ages 6 through 12 can learn from golf professionals in a fun, relaxed environment

Topgolf Austin is located at 2700 Esperanza Crossing.

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