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Daybreak Adventures: Breaking a sweat at LOVE Cycling in downtown Austin

The Daybreak crew got their sweat on at one of Austin's most unique cycling studios -- LOVE Cycling.

AUSTIN — Ride, sweat and dance!

Who knew cycling could be so fun, and challenging? The KVUE Daybreak team sure felt the love as they visited LOVE Cycling. The fitness business is located in the heart of downtown Austin. It's an intense 45-minute workout that will leave you feeling rejuvenated and full of life.

It is definitely not your ordinary cycling class though. How about adding upbeat music and a music video wall to your workout? Not to mention, there's an awesome instructor. This class keeps you moving in ways you never even knew you could move in a cycling class.

"We had many ask, why did you name it love? That's kinda hokey. Is it going to be pink and purple with hearts? No. The idea behind love is that there is no negative connotation what so ever with the word love," said co-owner of LOVE Cycling, Stephanie Kincheloe. "I think that we certainly provide an exceptional level of service and that was the main focus -- to lead with service followed by an amazing workout."

If you're not familiar with a bike, do not worry. There is always a lot of staff on hand that will help you adjust them to your height. Your only job is to peddle on and have a great time.

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