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Daybreak Adventures: Aerial Yoga at the Little Yoga House in North Austin

An aerial yoga workout at this North Austin fitness studio can be a fun way to sweat off some pounds and challenge yourself.

AUSTIN — Do you like hanging out in hammocks? Well, the Daybreak crew got to do just that at the Little Yoga House for this edition of Daybreak Exercise Adventures.

Working out in a hammock is ultimately what aerial yoga is all about.

If you're bold but not a daredevil like Pink the singer, known for her aerialist concert performances, this might be the work out for you.

"It's a great combination -- almost Pilates and Yoga together -- and that stem based stretching as well as deep core work out," according to the Little Yoga House.

As we set up, we all wondered if the hammocks would hold our weight, and to team Daybreak's surprise, they hold up to one thousand pounds. They can also handle dynamic weight, which means even when you're swinging or flailing, the fabric will support you.

If this type of work out entices you, head over to the Little Yoga House on 2700 West Anderson Lane.

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