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What the Beep: Big changes planned for dangerous Austin intersection

The 'Y' at Oak Hill is where highways 71 and 290 meet, making a mess for drivers.

AUSTIN, Texas — The "Y" at Oak Hill – if you've been on it, you probably hate it. It's where Highways 71 and 290 meet, joining forces to make a mess for drivers.

Not far from the infamous "Y," a viewer wants to know what will be done about an intersection he considers Austin's most dangerous.

On any given workday, cars tool right along Highway 290 at a steady pace, while morning drivers trying to get in on the action from Old Bee Caves Road just sit, watch and wait.

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The viewer who reached out to whatthebeep@kvue.com says it can take more than 20 minutes before there's enough of a break to turn left on 290.

Some say this intersection is begging for a traffic light.

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KVUE found out there are actually two things in the works that will fix this.

First, the City of Austin says a developer with plans to build along Old Bee Caves Road does plan to put a light up.

On a much larger scale, there's the Oak Hill Parkway Project. TxDOT's answer to the congestion at the "Y" will also change the dynamic at Old Bee Caves.

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Drivers will only be able to turn right where they can get on the new parkway, or make a turnaround at the Highway 71 intersection.

Both of these projects are in the beginning stages, so while they are going to happen, it's not clear yet when.

So what roads frustrate you? Let us know and we'll get answers from traffic planners to see what they can do to help. Send an email to whatthebeep@kvue.com.


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