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New flyover bridge opening soon directly connects southbound SH 130 to 290 Toll

The completion of the first bridge was approximately eight months ahead of schedule.

AUSTIN, Texas — Editor's note: The related video above about the 290 toll road was published in October.

The first of three flyover bridges being built at the US 290 Toll and State Highway 130 intersection is opening up on the weekend of Jan. 11.

The new bridge will directly connect drivers traveling southbound on SH 130 to westbound US 290 Toll. The completion of the first bridge was approximately eight months ahead of schedule.


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“The Mobility Authority is proud to deliver this critically-needed connection ahead of schedule,” said Bobby Jenkins, the chairman of the Mobility Authority Board of Directors. “It’s extremely rewarding to see all of the improvements that have taken shape at this intersection since 2015 when the need for greater mobility was first identified.”

The flyover will eventually be tolled, but through Jan. 31, drivers with an active tag will not be charged for using the flyover. This will not affect the tolls on US 290 Toll or SH 130 Toll, which will still charge drivers.

The opening of the flyover will cause some changes for drivers wishing to exit onto the non-tolled US 290 frontage roads. 


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The exit previously named Exit 437, which is immediately south of Parmer Lane, will no longer provide access to the frontage roads. To access the frontage roads, drivers will now have to take Exit 437A, which is located north of Parmer Lane.

Drivers wishing to take the new flyover should take Exit 437B, and drivers wishing to get to Parmer Lane should take Exit 436.

Credit: Mobile Authority

The Mobile Authority, an independent government agency, began construction on the new flyovers in November 2018 in partnership with the Texas Department of Transportation. The full project is expected to be completed by 2021.

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